Rider – FAQs

Are Drivers who use Atlantis Ride required to complete a Background Check?

Atlantis Ride takes safety very seriously, and riders have made clear they prefer to book their rides with drivers who have passed a background check. Accordingly, for both the benefit of drivers and riders, all drivers who wish to provide rides using our software and services must pass a criminal and Department of Motor Vehicle background check. Please note, that Atlantis is not a transportation provider like Uber or Lyft. Atlantis is a booking platform like Expedia. As a result, while Atlantis takes safety matters very seriously and takes steps to promote safety in our community, including requiring drivers to pass a background check and enabling riders to select a same-gender or favorite driver, Atlantis is not legally or financially responsible for issues that arise in connection with the services provided by drivers booked through Atlantis, any more than Expedia is legally or financially responsible for the services provided by airlines or hotels booked through Expedia.

If you have any concerns regarding a driver using our software and services, please immediately call our support team through the help button in-app or email us at support@atlantisoupv.com

What happens if I cancel the ride request after the driver has accepted my ride?

If a rider cancels more than 3 minutes after their driver accepts their ride request, the rider will be charged a $2 cancellation fee.

If a rider cancels more than 6 minutes after their driver accepts, the rider will be charged $4. Also, if a driver arrives at the pickup location and waits for their rider for 5 minutes or more and their rider does not show up, the rider will be charged a $4 “no-show” fee.

What happens when a driver is late picking me up when the booking is 12 hrs or more in advance?

Your ride is discounted by $5

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