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First, thank you for your interest!

Our mission is to provide dependable service and economical fares for our riders. Most importantly, give the drivers doing the work a decent return for the good service they provide to our riders!

We can guarantee that you as a driver will earn double than you can with driving for Uber/Lyft combined with the same effort!

This morning I started with my first pickup at 8:15 am drove 11 mi drop-off..drove 3.4 mi next pickup, and drove 19 mi drop-off at 9:30 am my earnings…..$11+22.50 =$33.50 by 9:30 am! The customer was happy, Driver Happy$$!

Drivers get 85% of the rider fare! (ex) 19mi trip rider pays…$20.90 driver pay out=$17.77 no fares under $10 “let uber/lyft” handle $3-$7″

Our focus is to provide service cheaper to the daily workers that only have rideshare as an alternative to get to and from work!

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